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Financial Aid Scholarships

Thanks to a partnership with local Redding non-profit, Cultivating Humanity, we've opened a financial aid fund to create enrollment scholarships for families facing financial hardship and to those who are a single-parent home.

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Details& how to apply: 

  • Single parents and families facing financial hardship are invited to submit an application.

  • Scholarships are only granted toward year-round enrollment in our Academy programs. We do not offer scholarships or discounts toward drop-in events.

  • Applicants must submit an application to be considered for this fund.

  • We award scholarships on a need basis. 

  • Scholarships are limited per season and awarded on a first-come first-served basis. Deadline to apply is August 5th. 

  • All participants must still pay their initial enrollment down payment in full to enroll in our academy, regardless of financial aid. Deadline to apply for financial aid is August 5th. You will receive your approval or disapproval within 1-2 weeks after that. If approved, you will receive a discount code which will apply to your monthly payments and will prorate your total enrollment fee to match your scholarship amount.

Application link is here.

Questions? Call: 530-691-0125

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