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Academy Programs

We offer year-long courses for girls and boys in specialized small groups. Our curriculum is designed to activate kids to use their faith, leadership skills, and healthy social/emotional habits in their every-day life.

We help kids put into practice what they learn from you and home and hear from church on Sundays.

How it works

Joining is easy & affordable

There are two 'wings' to our academy - one is DG which offers programs for boys, and the other is Passion is Powerful, which offers programs for girls. There are 4 signature programs for each wing, each program offering different levels of faith-enriching, leadership-building adventures. Each consecutive season builds on the last.


New participants join Level One programs and move forward progressively through each wings' curriculum. Groups stay the same like they would in a school. We have seen really strong friendships formed this way, which add depth to the kids' experience with us.


There are 12 sessions per program, and 2 seasons of programs per year for a total of 24 specialized, small group sessions per year. Academy Membership Plans starting at $75/mo that make signing up easy & affordable.

Academy Perks & Promises:

Leader Accessibility

Post-session engagement with the leaders

◼︎ Our leaders write handwritten notes to each participant after each and every session so they feel loved, seen and special. We make all photos and notes available within a few days after the session, and we offer an easy & safe online message box for participants to send a response if they so choose.


◼︎ Our leaders also dedicate themselves to giving parents feedback and are always early to drop-off and stay later for pick-up so parents can talk with them and ask them questions about how things are going in the group. 

◼︎ Groups are small with 8-15 participants per group so that interactions with the leader are powerful and personal. Once a season has started, groups are closed to new participants to encourage bonding with friends and the leader.


Local drop-off & pick up at our meeting place

Program sessions take place all around Redding in outdoor and indoor settings. We make this easy on parents by having one local meeting place for participants to gather, after which we jump on our bus (that has seatbelts) and head out to the session spot, generally somewhere within 10-15 minutes driving time from the center of town.

Exclusive Invitations

Join us for events that are not open to the public

◼︎ Program participants are invited to join us on our yearly camping trip, one for boys and the other for girls, which is an event that is not offered to the public. This is our special yearly retreat in nature that everyone looks forward to.

◼︎ Program participants also have the chance to participate on leadership committees to help run our events. 

◼︎ Families are invited to our yearly gatherings.

◼︎ Depending on your membership, you will also have access to early registration before events opens to the public.

Change your kid's life for $75 a month.

Our membership plans allowing for flexible financing. Plus, members enjoy special perks on top of receiving our specialized Academy Program sessions.

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