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Hiking &
Water Fun

We're hitting the Redding trails for some outdoor fun! Each hike is themed to enrich the girls' faith while we make our way to a watering spot (creek or lake.) The hikes are very moderate hills (easy for all levels). We'll swim and play fun games at the water!

Tuesdays from 9-1pm$40 per session

Hike Themes & Water Locations


Session #1: FUN WITH GOD | In this session, we'll talk all about how we can have fun with God, especially when he takes us in a direction that we don't know. We will do a prophetic act blindfolded to activate fun with God!  Location: Clear Creek at Gold Dredge Trailhead


Session #2: GODLY STRENGTH | In this session, we'll observe the power and strength of the Shasta Dam as we make our way to the lake and talk about what godly strength looks like expressed through our femininity!  Location: Dry Creek Trail at the Shasta Dam


Session #3: FAITH OVER FEAR | In this session, we'll talk about how to conquer fear and trust God to bring us through seasons and situations that scare us. We'll do rock art and a prophetic acts to throw fear away! Location: Honeybee Trailhead to Clear Creek


Session #4: FREEDOM | In this session, we'll talk about how God really wants us to feel free in our life, and that this inside freedom comes from living a godly life worth celebrating, not from living in rebellion.  Location: Whiskeytown Lake