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Artist Development

We believe in helping kids find their authentic, God-given creative voice.

Welcome Artists

We specialize in artist development & discipleship. We  equip artists, young and old, to discover, develop & showcase their creative self-expression in a way that builds authentic community around their God-given gifts.

Tuesdays • 2-6:30PM 
Thursdays • 2-6:30PM 
Saturdays • 11-2PM

What We Offer


About Our Artist Coach & Founder, Delfina Geus

Hi, I'm Delfina. I'm the founder of Adventure Life Academy and I'm a professional singer/songwriter & published author originally from Los Angeles, CA.


I've been an artist coach for the past decade and have worked with students all over the globe. My experience in music ranges from having performed in Times Square NYE for 1.2M people to developing music projects for organizations in the inner-city of Los Angeles, writing songs with artists like Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic and more.

I'm passionate about igniting the artistic fire in each young talented singer and musician in a way that draws out each student's God-given purpose and creative expression.

Our Coaching Culture

We teach artists to use their creativity to make a difference in the world. 


Beautiful Music Space

Our beautiful music space  is centrally located in Redding, CA on Market St. downtown and has a custom-built stage with microphones, two pianos, guitars, and amplifiers for musicians to try out all kinds of creative expressions. 


Songwriting & Recording

Students are taught to song-write no matter what instrument they choose, and original songs are recorded for a special take-home bonus each season. Links are shareable with friends and family.


Community & Performing

Students who purchase a series of classes in a season are invited to perform and showcase their songs with other students in our seasonal in-house artist gathering as well as our big end-of-season performance event held in our music space.


God-centered sessions

Coaching sessions go beyond just equipping students to be good at what the do. We press into identity, purpose, calling, and community to make sure our artists are connected to God and people in all they do to shine.


We have an incredible music space with a small stage for performances and all kinds of instruments where students come to get inspired and creative!

2160 Market St, Redding CA 96001

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Tuesdays • 2-6:30PM
Thursdays • 2-6:30PM
Saturdays • 11-2PM

Coaching Sessions
We offer 1:1 coaching and group songwriting/band sessions.

Voice, songwriting, guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, electric guitar, and creative writing.

Ages 7.5 and up 

Thank you! Someone will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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