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01 • Ignite & Shine Bright

CLICK TO VIEW: Igniting the passion and purpose God put in each and every one of our hearts

What's Happening:

In this session, we talk about what it means to be a light in the world and shine brightly for all to see. We sing songs, play games, study a scripture and have a shine share. Then we go to Delfina's HQ 'The Bungalow' for a blindfolded prophetic activation with a taste-test and prepare prophetic thank you letters for the community leaders we will meet.

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Our bus stop outside of the Shasta Mall on Hilltop Dr. (Google Maps link)

In-Session Locations:

• Peppertree Ln. Park (Google Maps link)

• Delfina's HQ 'The Bungalow' downtown Redding (Google Maps link)

* If it is raining at 3:45, we will skip the park and go straight to the 2nd location


It's cold so dress comfortably and warm please! We will have blankets and something warm to sip at the park. Girls can bring a water bottle if they want to. ** BRING: Bring a special object that represents something you are good at or that represents a time that you really shined. (for example, if you are a really good dancer, maybe you bring your ballet shoes, etc.)


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