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03 • Treasured Things Take Time

CLICK TO VIEW: Talking about how God treasures the journey we take with him as much as he treasures the goals he's helping us accomplish.

What's Happening:

In this session, we talk about how God takes his time to build our character along the path to our destiny, and how we often want to run and rush right things but miss out on some treasure! As a prophetic act, we make some bread together and give it time to rise, and we we make our own real, working, 'divine appointment' clocks!

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Our bus stop outside of the Shasta Mall on Hilltop Dr.

In-Session Locations:

The Bungalow (Delfina's HQ downtown) (Google Maps)


We'll be inside for most of this session. Dress comfortably and bring some water and a snack if you'd like. :)


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