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Courage: Strength of the Heart

CLICK TO VIEW: Practicing forgiveness takes strength and courage

What's Happening:

The boys learn about courage, and how the word courage comes from the word ‘cor’ which means ‘heart’. They talk about how forgiveness takes courage & forgiveness keeps the heart healthy. They do a prophetic act piling rocks together to represent unforgiveness and then they smash it! They learn that when Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room to commission them into their destiny, they were also commissioned to forgive. Then they do a team trust fall & take communion as a group. Then they play ‘capture the flag’ and we do a special award ceremony to celebrate the completion of the season.


• Bring water, and a lunch. Wear good hiking shoes.

• We recommend you put on sunblock prior to the session.

** There is no swimming at this spot. **

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Drop-off is at our bus stop outside of Ninja Coalition. (Google Maps link)

In-Session Locations:

Walker Mine Upper Sac Ditch (Google Maps link)  


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