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Scented & Sent

CLICK TO VIEW: We talk about the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit and how he helps us accomplish our calling

What's Happening:

In this session, the girls prepare a prophetic treasure hunt with the help of Holy Spirit! We talk about how we can live in our caring right now, everywhere we go, by being aware of Gods spirit in us. We have fun baking, we play our very own custom guess who gameto warm us up for our treasure hunt, we browse through magazines to find prophetic words, and we head off to the Shasta Mall to find our 'treasure hunt person' and deliver our scented words to them. :)


You are always encouraged to bring a water bottle and snack.

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Our bus stop outside of the Shasta Mall on Hilltop Dr.

In-Session Locations:

• Felicity's Home (16261 Canto de Las Lupine Dr)

• Shasta Mall (near our parking spot)


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