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Solving Real World Problems

The boys sit down with a local civic leader to get a deeper look at what it means to carry God's heart for people in leadership & government.

The boys all dressed up in 'dapper' suits & business casual clothes for a tour of the magnificent City Hall of Redding, CA. We asked the boys, "What does God say about government?

Where do problems come from? Are problems good or bad?" We talked about how problems are really just 'needs' -- they are not good or bad, they're just needs that need action from responsible, loving leaders' whose hearts are to serve the people. God appoints our leaders and we're called to respect their authority, even if we don't agree. (Except of course when bad leadership is telling us to sin.)

After our talk, we were met by our wonderful & extremely knowledgable tour-guide Jessica Palmer, who brought every corner, door, and stairway to life with her illustrative descriptions of what happens behind the walls of government in Redding. From permitting, to geographical information, to police records & fire chief HQ, the boys got a 'bombardment of information' about how it all works.

We were happily surprised by Vice Mayor Mark Mezzano who made the boys laugh with his stories about his life & career of jobs that led to his becoming mayor.

Then we jumped in the bus and headed over to the majestic County of Shasta Main Building, where the boys practiced their handshakes and introductions in the garden. "Firm up your handshake, make eye contact, say your hi & your name in a clear and strong voice." They boys prepared to meet believer, husband, father and County Supervisor Kevin Crye. It was quite a different kind of tour.

The boys got to see all 5 supervisors offices 😅, play PacMan in Kevin's office, and even sit in the council's seats in the chamber room!

What made the night the most special of all was getting to hear from Kevin Crye and his passionate love of Jesus, family, and government. He talked to the boys about what it means to be a good leader and problem solver. "It's all about Jesus. The more time you spend with God, the more you hear his voice and know his will."

He told the boys that his term in office isn't about re-election; it's about making a difference in the lives of people in Shasta County, to give the power back to the people & make sure government serves the people.

It was a magical, knowledge-packed time -- different for sure than all the other sessions we've had. We saw a change in the boys.

We saw a serving-first mentality arise in them. One pushed in chairs, the next opened doors. We saw them feel confident in their leaders. They were fascinated by the odd facts they picked up here and there about the complex system that is government, and walked away knowing that no matter what, with Jesus at the center, serving people with love is all that matters, and that any one of them can make a difference because they know God.


Meet today's session sponsors & heroes:

Kevin Crye | Kevin W. Crye is a husband, father of three, and a lifelong resident of Shasta County. He learned at an early age that he had a knack for helping people and has continued to put that skill to good use. His decades of experience as a professional trainer, coach, agent, and business leader have prepared him well for this season to help Shasta County reach its full potential.

Kevin represents high-profile talent through his company, Valor Talent Group, he is the CEO of EndlessRope, and owns Ninja Coalition; a Ninja gym, talent, and production company, having produced events as far away as Hong Kong. With well-established relationships in the fields of sports, education, entertainment, and business, including global brands such as American Ninja Warrior and the Olympics, his heart is in Shasta County and he has used his talent and connections to sow into this community.

Kevin’s diverse background and experience give him fresh perspective for the area that he looks forward to bringing to Shasta County as representative for District 1. Supervisor Crye currently serves as the County liaison to the following organizations:

City Hall of Redding | Redding is located in Shasta County, which is home to three incorporated cities – Redding, Anderson and Shasta Lake City. Just 160 miles north of Sacramento and 230 miles north of San Francisco, the county is equidistant between San Diego and Seattle on I-5.

With a population of 94,000, Redding is the largest city north of Sacramento. As the county’s administrative center, Redding is at the forefront of trade and commerce and is a regional hub for retail, education, professional services and government.

Shasta County | Located in Northern California about 160 miles north of Sacramento, Shasta County is sunshine, natural beauty, outdoor recreation, culture, and community.

Shasta County is home to three incorporated cities: Anderson, Redding, and Shasta Lake City. The County's population is approximately 180,000 residents.


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