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We're excited to introduce our first-ever 'younger's edition' of Summit Seekers for boys ages 7.5-9yrs old. Participants follow our 10-week preparatory curriculum taught at their level, which gets the group ready for Summit Seekers in the Fall.

(*Note: this is not a pre-requisite for Summit Seekers Level 1)


10-Week Preparatory Leadership Program

Sessions are designed to help young boys:

 • put words to their inside world

• learn about boundaries

• manage fear and anger with character-building strategies

• develop fearlessness and courage to overcome stress

• discover more about who they are and what their purpose is

• grow in self-awareness, compassion and hospitality toward others

• grow their confidence, worth and self-esteem


Join a Group

Registration is now open until August 10th with early bird specials. Click the button below to view pricing, season schedules and open groups.


10 Sessions  |  3hrs each  | Various Locations 

Boys ages 7.5-9 welcome. There are 10 hikes per season. Each hike is 2-3miles round-trip on average with plenty of breaks for games & activities, time to play, swim and snack. Hike intensity is manageable for all young hikers. We always keep a 1:8 adult ratio. David is a certified lifeguard, so swimming is secure. Drop-off/pick up is central in Redding on Hilltop. We do the driving in our bus (with seatbelts.) View all program details and FAQ

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Post-session engagement

We go BEYOND the 3-hours we spend with your son in person to make sure he's engaged throughout the week. We also create group dynamics that encourage friendship outside the program. Check out all the things we do:

Drop-In Events
Jump into our summer drop-in events to experience the program before enrolling.

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Go to Payment & Registration

Ready to dive in? Space is limited. Make sure to register before August 10th. Click the button below to view pricing, season schedules, and open groups.

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