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Singing & Songwriting

Join us for 4 powerful sessions of singing, songwriting and music. We will explore the depths of the girls' God-given self-expression to make meaningful music, learn about the voice, and grow in stage presence and confidence for performance and recording. 

Wednesdays from 1- 5pm$40 per session

Summer Music Sessions

Each music session will have singing & songwriting at its core, with a special emphasis on each of these topics: 


Session #1

Vocal Training & Rhythm

In this session, the girls will learn about the voice from a scientific & spiritual standpoint, and learn how to unlock the fullest expression of their voice in singing. We will songwrite and have fun learning about rhythm & making music!
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Session #2

Stage Presence & Performance

In this session, the girls will learn to bring all of who they are to the stage when they perform. We will talk about how to manage fear with the Holy Spirit and lean into the beautiful parts of our personality to put on a good show that touches people's hearts.

Session #3

Live Recording & Small Performance

In this session, the girls will write and prepare a special song to record together as a team in our session. At the end  of this day, we will have a digital link to our song to share with family & friends!