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Who We Are



Our academy started out as a dream we got from God when we hiked Chemise Peak in Redding, CA and asked him to give us a vision for our marriage in 2022. David saw the words 'forgiveness & boys' and I saw the business structure of our first DG program, Summit Seekers. We had both worked with youths for over 10 years up until then.

So with that vision, we built DG Adventure Life Academy for boys and launched it in 2022.  The program sessions combined all of David's passion for sports, nature, God, and social/emotional transformation from being a social worker and BSSM 2nd-year grad. After early success & overwhelming positive feedback from the community, we launched Passion is Powerful academy for girls in spring of 2023 with my expertise in music and the arts and in teaching musical self-expression to kids for nearly a decade.

With the momentum of 16 seasons executed smoothly and 30+ families being part of our programs within the first year, we decided to merge the academies at the end of 2023 to give families a single point of reference for our out-of-the-box faith adventures for kids now called Adventure Life Academy. 

DG and Passion is Powerful are now under the umbrella of Adventure Life Academy, each acting as a wing of our business. DG offers its signature program tracks for boys from Summit Seekers, to TEAM EDITION, Leader Lab and United Strong. Passion offers its signature programs for girls from IGNITE, to Glory!, Treasured Love and Ms. Biz.

We are an ever growing business, active in the community, and continuing to build sessions around making an impact in the lives of children, their families and our city. Check our 'about' section this time next year and let's see what God decides to add to our adventure with Him. 

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Mission & Core Values

Our overall mission at the academy is to instill a strong sense of Godly identity, purpose, relational health, and spiritual authority in kids and teens. We do this through out-of-the box adventures and experiences designed to build character & leadership skills, social and emotional awareness, and relevancy for faith beyond the church and home.

Meet the Team

Meet our dedicated Academy Founders

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