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03 • More Than Emotions

CLICK TO VIEW: Learning about how God designed our emotions physically and spiritually to help us better connect with others.

What's Happening:

In this session, the girls learn all about their emotions from different perspectives: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We play some fun games with emojis and acting, we do a prophetic act with a jump rope for breakthrough in our emotions. Then we get ready filming out video for the final production using each girl's personal monologue to bring spice to the group! The girls work together to decided scenes, framing, and how everything should go in this filmmaking time. At the end we go over a scripture and do a small Bible study.


Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress warm please! We will walk around the Sundial Bridge for our activities. Girls can bring a water bottle & snack if they want to.

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Our bus stop outside of the Shasta Mall on Hilltop Dr. (Google Maps link)

In-Session Locations:

• Sundial Bridge area (Google Maps link)


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