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From a coffee shop to opening for JLO in Times Square

My unforgettable journey through music opened doors I never knew existed.

I taught myself to play guitar on YouTube. It was 2006 and I was 16. I was on a trip to Buenos Aires, where my parents are from, and it was there I picked up the guitar for the first time. I learned a few chords and when I came back to California, I grabbed a styrofoam pool noodle and carved 6-lines to practice until I could buy a real guitar. Six months into playing, I wrote my first songs and began performing them at the local Coffee Bean in Manhattan Beach.

A few years into it, senior year of high school I recorded a small demo called 'There's Always Something Else' and this changed everything. Right out of high school, I was discovered as a model and signed to LA Models. Then I was discovered as a singer/songwriter and signed to a management company, production company, and publishing company. They paid for my first official EP 'Window' that I got to record at Sony Studios. From there I went on to make my musical debut in Times Square on New Years Eve 2010 in front of 1.2 million people. I was twenty years old.

In Times Square, I performed 'Kiss On My List' by Hall & Oates and my original song, 'Window,' two songs that were then featured in national Nivea TV commercials. I was Nivea's breakout artist and People Magazine published a small article featuring me & my music.


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