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Ministering to the Homeless

In this session, the boys tour the Good News Rescue Mission, fundraise their own money, and gift mission guests with socks & treats that they shop for together at Walmart.

We talked about what it means to be followers fo Jesus. We asked the boys, "Are we true followers of Jesus if we don't help the least?" We talk about how Jesus asks us to love others, and that love requires action. We are all going to heaven because we believe in Jesus, but to live a life as a follower we must let the Holy Spirit stir us to action to serve & love others!

After our talk, we jumped into our bus and headed to the Good News Rescue mission where Nolan met us to give us a tour. Nolan showed the boys all the different programs the mission has to help people get on their feet. The boys couldn't believe how much help was available to the guests, and how ALL OF IT WAS FREE for them!

We ran into some guys playing football and jumped in on their game. Justin, a recovering guest from the mission, threw the ball for the boys and they played 3 flags up.

After the tour, we counted how much money the boys had fundraised and headed to Walmart for a fun shopping expedition. With the $77 they raised, they bought 42 pairs of socks and two bags full of chocolate.

With arms-full of gifts, we headed back to the mission's chapel area where we were welcomed by a volunteer named Matthew who ushered us in quietly to distribute the gifts. The guests were watching a sermon on the big screen, but no one minded our 'interruption' at all. In fact, the boys were shocked at how kind, loving, and thankful the people there were. Tears and smiles filled the face of both the guests and our boys as Jesus love in action poured out from us to them.

Before leaving, we heard a powerful story from our recovering friend Chris who shared how the Lord had encountered him powerfully and helped him change his life around after much, much loss.

We saw how powerfully the Holy Spirit ministered God's love through our action, prayers, and joy. The boys had fun serving & were most impacted by the fact that what they handed out was paid for by their own money. They felt so empowered giving hope to the least.


Meet today's session sponsor: Good News Rescue Mission - We believe in the radical and unconditional love of the Father. A love so profound Jesus would pronounce forgiveness over the most unworthy, the most shameful and the most broken. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to fill us with a love so deep, people can tangibly experience the love of God through us. We believe without love nothing else matters, for the absence of love is the absence of God. And what we believe defines how we live, because all of humanity needs to know the radical nature of the Father’s love.


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