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Trip Dates: July 18-19


Trail & Camping Location: TBA


Itinerary: We will meet on Thursday morning 10AM and return on Friday afternoon between 2-3PM.


Adventure Theme: "God's Design for Men of God" We will be talking about everything that makes a man of God - from warring in the spirit, taking accountability for life's responsibilities, keeping our minds and hearts pure, and seeking God's kingdom in the face of trials.


What we will provide: Drinking water, food, fire making supplies, and tents.


Supplies to bring: Each hiker will be responsible to pack at minimum a sleeping bag. A pillow and mattress pad are optional as we're packing everything into a backpack, but inflatable ones work great and pack light. You will need to wear warm clothes and hiking boots, and bring a change of inner clothes including socks. Other supplies to bring would be a flash light, water bottle and a knife. Each hiker is asked to bring 1 snack to share with 5 people. (If you have a tent you'd like to bring, please contact us.) Main meals will be provided and distributed among all the packs, and the tents will be carried in by one or two hikers.


Leaders: David Geus will be leading this trip.


Additional details will be sent to participants who sign up & pay.

July 18-19 • 1-Night Backpacking Trip (Ages 15.5-18)