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Level 4 • On Fire for God is DG's 12-week Academy Program about "Calling & Purpose"

Details: 11 sessions w/ a built-in overnight backpacking trip. Transportation included.

About this program

Our Level 4 Program is called 'On Fire for God' and focuses on calling & purpose. This final season builds on all the skills the boys have learned in Summit Seekers (identity), Team Edition (teamwork), United Strong (spiritual authority) and gives the boys a practical view of what it means to live a life on fire for God. Sessions will include games and ability/agility tests to help the boys grow in self-awareness of how God made them and what he made them for. Our emphasis will be on God’s design for men and God’s personal invitation to living with purpose with him and on FIRE for the mission he put in each young man’s heart.

Sessions are designed to help the boys:

• Take initiative at home & school & in life

• Activate their spiritual gifts & abilities

• More deeply understand of God’s design for men

• Grow in self-awareness around strengths & weaknesses

• Be equipped to pursue God in their daily lives

• Live a life on fire for their faith in their own unique mission

This season includes 11 sessions plus an overnight backpacking trip.

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Registration ends June 5th, 2024.

  • Ignite & Shine Bright
    In this session, the girls talk about what it means to be a light in the world. We play games to get to know each other, we sing songs, have a shine contest, and then head to Taste & See for blindfolded SQ tests. We talk about how hearing God's voice for other people to encourage them is one way we can 'be the light' in the world. We write prophetic thank-you's to program sponsors who we'll meet throughout our season!
  • How He Sees Me
    In this session, the girls learn about what it means to get our identity from God, and not our day-to-day emotions. We used the 'color word game' to get a real sense of what it feels like in our minds when we believe lies. They cut off lies from the enemy with a real sword as a prophetic act to show how God’s sword of truth frees us, then they got ‘truth’ words in exchange that they used to make their ‘How He Sees Me’ voiceover for our final production. The big takeaway from the session is learning that how God sees us is what makes up our identity, and that these truths are what lead us like clues toward our destiny!
  • A Strong Identity
    In this session, the girls pop open balloons filled with mysterious clues and they have to work as a team to get to the top of the mountain (a small, easily hikeable hill nearby.) We talk about how the Holy Spirit leads us with whispers through every step of our journey and how we can learn to hear God's voice even in the midst of a storm.
  • More Precious Than Flowers
    In this session, the girls beautified a local animal rescue center, Haven Humane Society, by building planters and doing gardening & art. They took a tour of the shelter and saw how much love & care the animals get. They learned all about how God provides for us because we are more precious to him than the birds of the air and the flowers of the field. We used power drills to build a frame for the planter box, dug some big holes for the flowers, and decorated the planter with painted rocks!
  • Break Through the Noise (1 & 2)
    In these 2 songwriting sessions, the girls write a song about breaking through the noise and finding truth with God which will help them to keep their faith for the BIG DREAMS God has in his heart for them. We talk about destiny and what each girl wants to do when she’s older. Then they take prophetic photos and make a dream-card which inspires our songwriting. We learn about story-arcs and what makes a good song. We play rhyming games and do activities to stretch our words and write an original song together.
  • More Than Emotions
    In this session, the girls learn all about their emotions from different perspectives: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We play some fun games with emojis and acting, we do a prophetic act with a jump rope for breakthrough in our emotions. Then we get ready filming out video for the final production using each girl's personal monologue to bring spice to the group! The girls work together to decided scenes, framing, and how everything should go in this filmmaking time.
  • Garment of Praise
    In this session, the we talk about how God often comforts us with creativity, and that when we give him our troubles he gives us something amazing in exchange. We share stores, sing some songs and then we spend our time sewing and bedazzling canvas tote bags with empowering words that the girls get to take home.
  • Spiritual Intelligence
    In this session, the difference between IQ, EQ, and SQ. They learn about first, second, and third heaven and how to hear God beyond the ‘noise’ of every-day life. They learn that God’s voice is always good. They learn that what strengthens SQ is spending time with God. We take time to finish writing out our 'How He Sees Me' monologues and then drive around town to different spots to film our scenes. The girls practice speaking to the camera, encouraging each other in the process, and by the end we have an incredible video to present on our final day!
  • Faith on Fire
    In this session, the girls visit the Good News Rescue Mission and take a small tour. Then they go to the supermarket together with money they raised themselves in the previous session and they buy cake mix. We spend time making cakes at our session location, and when they're ready, we take them over the to the ladies at the Good News Rescue Mission where we minister to them and pray for them in person.
  • Dreaming Big
    In this session, the girls talk about their life dreams. They share encouraging words with each other about what they see in one another, qualities that point them in the direction of those dreams. They ask the Holy Spirit for a picture and paint it onto a blank puzzle, which we collect and hand out at random to the group as a prophetic word. We launch our prayers to heaven on the big bow, play in the water, and have fun by the creek.
  • Final Production Day
    In our last session, we spend time talking about the change we see in ourselves. We play games and prophesy over each other and set an intention for what they will do differently in their life because of IGNITE. Then we prepare a special show for the parents where we will debut our final film with our voiceover and song! We do a small awards ceremony at the end.

Program Leader

This season of ON FIRE for GOD will be led by David Geus.

Join a group

Registration for this season is now open until June 5th. Sessions are $38.50 each (new lower price!) Down payment for registering is $135. When season launches, you will be enrolled in an auto-pay 4-month plan for $92/mo. We are not meeting two weeks in September due to the birth of our little baby!

Thursdays 4-7PM

11 Sessions + Backpacking

August 22, 29

September 5, -, -, 26

October 3, 10, 17, 24

Nov 1 & 2: Backpacking Trip

November 7, 14, 21

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