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Programs for Girls 10-14

Passion is Powerful is the girl's wing of the Academy. We offer year-round programming in closed groups with plans starting at $92 / mo.

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Signature Programs


Level One


IGNITE is Passion's Level 1 program designed to help girls connect more deeply with God and with each other. Each session is themed to bring out confidence and identity in the girls. Life lessons are taught through different adventures in arts, crafts, baking, sewing, music and more. 

Level Two


Glory! is Passion's Level 2 program designed to bring spiritual and relational lessons deeper. The girls talk about what it means to be designed by God and what this means in regards to their beauty, self-care, value, and destiny.

Level Three

Treasured Love

Treasured Love is Passion's Level 3 program designed to take the girls deeper into understanding their relationship with God. Each session will talk about how God's love for us defines our identity as 'friends of God' and how we get to show love to our friends from this heart posture. 

Level Four

Ms. Biz

Ms. Biz is Passion's Level 4 program designed to take girls into the heart of business by exposing them to the crafts and trades of local inspiring business women. 


About Passion is Powerful

Our mission is to instill passion and purpose in girls through adventures in music & art

Passion is Powerful is the girls' wing of the Academy. Its unique programming is designed to help girls grow in leadership, confidence, inclusivity and faith. Our session's enriching themes are taught through fun adventures with music, art, dance, singing, sewing, cooking and more. Every session is unique. We never do the same thing twice! It's kind of like a birthday party field-trip program for girls where they grow deeper in their relationship with God, outside of the church and home, alongside an awesome group of friends.

Groups meet weekly for 12 sessions per season. There are two consecutive seasons of programming per year for a total of 24 sessions from August through May. Our sessions are held in various indoor and outdoor locations around town. Participants are dropped off outside of the Shasta Mall at our meeting place where we kick off our sessions together and then head to a different outdoor or indoor location each week. Transportation is offered for every session to make drop-off and pick-up easy. 

General Program FAQs

Payment & Registration

After selecting your group, you will be directed to our registration form on the webpage. Once completed, you will be able to set up the payment option that best suits your family.

Commitment Policy

We ask that all IGNITE participants make a commitment to their team and to the program. Trust grows immensely when all team-members show up consistently. When girls miss out, it hurts their confidence and progress. Session benefits are cumulative.


Transportation and a detailed itinerary will be provided for sessions that have multiple stops. We have an amazing bus that we use for driving around town for our adventures!

Session Schedule

Our master session schedule with drop-off/pick-up locations will be emailed to you beofre the start of each season. Additionally, we send weekly reminder emails with location links & session info so everyone knows what's happening.

Post-Session Engagement

Girls & parents will have access to a private page on our website where you can view our session photos, recap video, and a personal handwritten note from Delfina each week. We expect each family to take the time to look at photos & notes 1x a week.

What to Bring to Sessions

Each session is unique and sessions may from time to time require a special instruction for what to bring or what to wear. All details are included in the weekly emails we send out.

Value Statements

We offer faith-centered educational adventures for girls.

Mission Statement

We exist to ignite passion & purpose in girls through adventures in music and art.

Vision Statement

We believe we can give girls a better chance to live a powerful life of passion and purpose by equipping them to know their God-given identity, modeling what faith looks like in every-day real-life situations outside the home and beyond the walls of the church, and encouraging them to push past fear and big emotions to discover strength, courage, hope and authenticity.

Our Philosophy

We believe that God is an artist. He created us to be creative and to use our creativity to bring His kingdom to earth. When we partner with the Holy Spirit in our artistic expression, we create things that change the world around us in the best way. We have an opportunity to raise our girls with the understanding that their gifts, abilities, beauty, creative voice, and powerful ideas were put in them by design by God their creator. What they create with God is always unto a purpose; art is meant to serve, inspire, lead, empower, educate, and equip believers, as well as reach the lost, hungry, broken and forgotten people in the world.

Core Values



God created us with a dream in our hearts and as we pursue him, his fire stirs in us the passion to powerfully pursue our destiny.



When we serve others with our gifts & creativity, we live in alignment with the design God has for our life, and this brings joy & purpose. 



We are curious about life and God's creation. We ask the Holy Spirit to help us with empathy, forgiveness, and strategies for love in tough situations.



We are patient and practice faith while God develops our character through situations & friendships that challenge us.



We are pure because Jesus makes us pure. We make choices that protect our body, mind and heart from being polluted by sin, temptation, anger & unforgiveness.



We take risks, make mistakes, and get messy as we try new things and discover the process of making things beautiful. 



True leadership means knowing how to use our words powerfully with bold love, respecting boundaries (our own and others') and serving the greater good.



We love how God made us. God didn't make mistakes when he formed our body, shape, emotions, and beauty. We are perfect in his eyes & are always being perfected according to His love.

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