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We offer 4 levels of discipleship programs for boys 8-14 years old.

Our four levels of programming run in Fall and Spring over the course of two years. Our first program is Summit Seekers, followed by Team Edition, United Strong and Level 4 (which is now being written!) Each program is unique and emphasizes a different side of discipleship. Explore each program below.


We equip boys with leadership & social emotional skills that helps them to discover more about who they are inside, put language to their inside world, better connect with their peers, more deeply relate to God, and discover what a faith in action looks like beyond the walls of the church.

- Program Pricing -

Sessions are $38/each. Payment plans available for a full season enrollment.


Spring & Summer
Drop-in Events

Join us for river tubing, local hikes, destination day trips, overnight backpacking, and camping! Prices vary per event.
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