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SATURDAY, JULY 20 • 9AM-3PM | Join us for a beautiful hike to Heart Lake! Ages 10-14 welcome. This is an intermediate hiking challenge.


SESSION THEME: "Heart of Joy" -- the boys will learn about what keeps our heart healthy, from practicing forgiveness, experiencing Jesus' joy as our strength, and living in the fruit of the Spirit. All games and activities will have to do with this topic.


LOCAL DROP-OFF/PICK-UP: Drop-off/pickup will be outside the Shasta Mall on Hilltop Drive near the Ninja Gym.


TRANSPORT: We will drive in our DG bus (with seatbelts) to the hike's destination and back.


ADDITIONAL INFO: A packing list and other event details will be emailed to you, as well as our release forms (if you are a new participant)


We're looking forward to this adventure with you!

July 20th • (9-3PM) Heart Lake Destination Hike