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Discipling boys beyond walls of the church. Our faith-filled hikes & adventures activate boys in leadership, character and identity.

Program & How it works

Summit Seekers is offered in 4 consecutive seasons that follow the school calendar. Our sessions are all unique -- no one session is the same. Learning and discipleship is cumulative and everything we do takes place outdoors in nature or on cool excursions around town. Each session builds upon the next session, each season builds upon the next season


NEW!!! 🎉 Now 7.5-9 year olds can jump into our Summit Seekers fun in our preparatory intro season called, Younger's Edition. This is a 10 session program that leads into Level 1 of Summit Seekers. (*Note: This is not a prerequisite to Summit Seekers. It's a program we offer in addition to our four levels of programs.)

Session Partners

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Pricing & enrollment

Upon registering for a season, you will pay an initial payment of $112-135 depending on the program. Level one initial payment is $98 with early bird specials and $112 for general enrollment. Then, as the season kicks off and the groups begin to meet, you will get on a monthly pricing plan of $92/month for 3 months (Level 1) or 4 months (Level 2, 3 and 4.)

Competitive Group Pricing

Level 1 Summit Seekers offers competitive group pricing discounts depending on the size of each group. For 1-8 participants, sessions are priced at $38.50/session. For 8-12 participants, sessions drop to $36.50/session. The initial payment is always the same, but pricing plans are prorated according to enrollment.

Referral Credit

We offer a $10 referral credit toward pricing plans each time someone signs up through you!

Charter Vendor Info

We do not participate in the charter vendor programs since all vendors are required to be non-religious. Due to our choice to keep God in our curriculum, we have built our own financial aid program with a local non-profit.

Financial Aid Scholarships

Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Cultivating Humanity, a 501(c)(3) organization in Redding, CA, as well as the generosity of all our community partners, we are able to fundraise yearly and offer financial aid scholarships for single parent homes and families facing financial hardship. All participants, even those receiving financial aid, must pay the initial season payment. Scholarships are awarded in the form of a pricing plan credit.

pricing & enrollment info

Ready to jump into an adventure?

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