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Summit Seekers • Fall 2024 Enrollment Schedule

We offer competitive group pricing depending on how many boys sign up. The total cost of enrollment for 10 sessions ranges between $365-385 depending on group size. Here's how it works:

1) Everyone who signs up pays $112 for the initial enrollment (or $98 with early bird discount)

2) Leading up to the launch of our season, we will enroll everyone in a monthly plan: 

• 1-8 students $38.50 per session (3 payments of $92)

• 9-12 students $36.50 per session (3 payments of $85)


We encourage you to bring your friends! 

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Financial Aid Scholarships

Are you a single parent or a family facing financial hardship looking for help with enrollment? We've got you covered!

- Fall 2024 - 




Financial aid applicants must apply by August 5th.

Click here to submit an application.

NOTE: Some groups will have 2 weeks off in September for our staff member David Geus to be at home with his wife who is expecting a baby in those weeks!

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Program Overview & Goals


Summit Seekers is our Level One program. ​The goal of each session is to equip boys with powerful leadership skills & social emotional tools that inspire confidence in them, help them hear what God has to say about their identity, and prepare them for life.


Each 3-hour session is packed with games, activities, prophetic acts, leadership training, athletic challenges, and inspiring stories from David's life & the Bible. Themes are geared at unlocking a different aspect of their inner world and their relationship with God.


Hikes are 3 hours long so the boys get plenty of free time to play, connect with each other, explore nature and enjoy a meal together. Hike intensity is manageable for all levels of hikers with enough breaks to refresh them and keep them engaged the whole way through. This is a discipleship program set in the outdoors. Hiking intensity is doable for entry-level hikers.

Additional Program Details:
• We open 2-3 groups once a year every fall season.
• Group sizes are small. We take 12 boys max per group.
• Boys ages 9-14 years old welcome (SS "Youngers Edition" is for boys 7.5-9)
• We keep a 1:8 adult to child ratio. All full-time DG employees are screened.
• A roster with each boys' name and parent info will be sent at the start of each season
• Transportation is provided! We have a bus with seatbelts and meet at a central location in Redding.
After the season:
After Summit Seekers, the group moves onto our Level Two program, TEAM EDITION, where they build on the skills and lessons they learned in the first season. The idea is for each group to journey through 4 levels of our programming throughout two years to get the full impact of our specialized discipleship. Each program is unique and builds upon the previous. 

SS Youngers Edition moves into Summit Seekers Level 1.

All participants who complete Summit Seekers are eligible to participate in our summer camping trip.


All hike information including what to wear & bring on hikes will be emailed to you at the start of the season.

Payment & Registration

After selecting the group you would like to join, you will be directed to our registration form on the webpage. Once completed, you will be directed to our payment page where you will make your season down payment. When the season launches, you will then start your monthly payment of $92 or $85 for 3 months depending on group size.

Hike Schedule

Our 'Master Hike Schedule' is emailed to parents before the start of each season with Google Maps links to the trailheads. All locations are within 15 minutes drive of central Redding. We also send weekly reminder emails with location & hike details. 

Post-Hike Engagement

We send each hiker a prophetic letter after each hike to encourage and affirm who they are. Special handwritten weekly letters, session recap videos and photos are posted on your group's dashboard page on our website where parents and boys can view it after our hikes. We expect families to make this page available to their son 1X a week.

Commitment Policy

We ask that all hikers make a commitment to the program and their group. Trust grows immensely when all hikers engage consistently. When boys miss out, it hurts the confidence and progress of our work with them. Session benefits are cumulative.

Weather Info

We do not cancel sessions for mild weather conditions. Hiking in the rain is fun! We only cancel if the weather poses a real threat to the hikers, ie: hail, lightning, pouring rain, extreme cold/heat.

Food, Water, Backpack

Hikers are expected to pack a light backpack with water & a snack. We ask that you wear weather appropriate clothes and comfortable hiking shoes. 


We offer transportation for Summit Seekers. We meet at a central location on Hilltop Dr. Please be on time or early for our bus drop-off. We leave on time for sessions!

Missing Sessions

No session is the same. We ask that you prioritize your time in our group so that your child doesn't have gaps in their learning. There are no makeups or switching groups due to schedule conflicts.

Group Dashboard Page

All our session info and season schedule will be available on your group's dashboard page on our website. We also send out a weekly email to remind you to check the page for details about our upcoming sessions as well as to show your child their special handwritten note available on our page weekly.

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