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Orange Jam and Cookies

Baking Challenges

Join us for 4 delicious baking days in summer inspired by TV show 'Kid's Baking Championship!' The girls will learn all new baking & decorating skills in the kitchen and make delicious take-home treats. Thursdays from 1- 5pm$40 per session

Baking Challenge Menu

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Session #1

Marbled Cookies

The girls will learn a decoration technique called 'marbling' to decorate batches of sugar cookies with royal icing made from scratch. 

Deeper Theme: We'll talk about how God puts all different colors & flavors in us, and that even though our personality feels like it can be a little messy, God put a perfect combination of everything in us and we are beautiful in our own way! Not one of us is like the other, and this is a good thing!

Session #2

Piped Frosting Designs

The girls will learn how to make sophisticated designs on freshly baked cupcakes using homemade American buttercream and all different kinds of piping tips.

Deeper Theme: We'll talk about how in life, just like the frosting, who we are can take a lot of different expressions, but that who we are inside, our identity, is firm in Christ!

Session #3

Mini Cakes Chocolate Swirls

The girls will learn make mini-cakes, learn how to crumb-coat their cakes, and decorate the cake with chocolate 'swirls' and drips.

Deeper Theme: We'll talk about how God will often reshape us from one season to the next, and though the process can feel uncomfortable, he's bringing us from glory to glory into brighter versions of ourselves!

Session #4

Masterpiece Tiered Cake

The girls will learn to make a multi-tiered cake with layers using all their new baking & decorating skills to make a stand-out themed cake!

Deeper Theme: We'll talk about how our destiny and calling isn't a distant thing, but something we can experience right now since it involves all the seasons of our life, all the things we're good at, and all the lessons we're learning.