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It's time for our much awaited first-ever GIRLS ONLY camping trip!  We can't promise there won't be spiders or bugs, but we can promise a really fun time outdoors, connecting with God and nature in a Passion is Powerful kind of way!

Event Info

DATES: JUNE 19-22 • 3 nights, 4 days

PRICING: All inclusive price $265 per participant. (covers tent, transport & food) Packing list below

WHO'S INVOLVED: Delfina & David will be leading the camping trip. This is not a public event. Only the girls who have completed a season with us are allowed to join for safety reasons. 

ACTIVITIES: See itinerary below

LOCATION: The campsite is up near Lassen about 90 minutes drive from Redding. Exact GPS location will be emailed to those who sign-up in order to maintain privacy. Yes, there is cell service at our campsite.




Session #1: FUN WITH GOD | In this session, we'll talk all about how we can have fun with God, especially when he takes us in a direction that we don't know. We will do a prophetic act blindfolded to activate fun with God!  Location: Clear Creek at Gold Dredge Trailhead

Session #2: GODLY STRENGTH | In this session, we'll observe the power and strength of the Shasta Dam as we make our way to the lake and talk about what godly strength looks like expressed through our femininity!  Location: Dry Creek Trail at the Shasta Dam


Session #3: FAITH OVER FEAR | In this session, we'll talk about how to conquer fear and trust God to bring us through seasons and situations that scare us. We'll do rock art and a prophetic acts to throw fear away! Location: Honeybee Trailhead to Clear Creek


Session #4: FREEDOM | In this session, we'll talk about how God really wants us to feel free in our life, and that this inside freedom comes from living a godly life worth celebrating, not from living in rebellion.  Location: Whiskeytown Lake

Early bird special: Save $20 when you sign up before May 10th
// USE CODE: CAMPFIRE20 //  Automatic $10 off sibling discount will appear at checkout

Camping Overview & Details:

Transportation: We will provide transportation in our school bus to keep all drop-offs/pick-ups local to Redding.


Hike Intensity: Hikes are light to moderate intensity. We will walk from 2.5-3 miles round trip on mostly flat ground, though sometimes we will be at a hilly spot. There will be plenty of breaks for resting, drinking water, and having a small talk.


Activities/Plan: Each hike is themed to teach the girls something new about their faith. The girls will be walking to a 'destination spot' with water (ie: river, lake, creek) for swimming and fun activities, like art projects, singing, time for free play, and snacking.


Other Details: There will be a 1:8 adult to child ratio. Limited space is available in each group for water & hike safety. All hiking details including locations, themes, what to bring, drop/off and pick/up details will be emailed to you. 

Release Form: All new Passion is Powerful participants must fill out a release form here.

FOOD: We will all the meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will have snacks and s'mores, but also request that each camper bring his favorite snack to share with 10 people. This way, everyone has something they like to eat at the camping trip, and it makes our kitchen that much more full for the boys to enjoy an open snack bar.

AMENITIES: We will provide a toilet and toilet paper and wipes. We will provide firewood and potable water. We also have sunscreen and mosquito repellant spray.

TENTS:  We provide the tents. There will be absolutely no sleeping bag sharing, even among siblings. It goes without saying that Delfina & David will have a tent of their own, separate from the boys. We will all be on the same campsite near each other. There will be no other campers besides the DG group at this time.

GEAR: We will bring games & outdoor equipment for the boys to use in the lake and creek.

DG Will Provide:

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