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IGNITE Spring 2025 Enrollment Schedule

We offer competitive group pricing depending on how many sign up. The total cost of enrollment for 10 sessions ranges between $325-385. Here's how it works:

1) Everyone who signs up pays $155 for the initial enrollment.

2) Then, we prorate the final two monthly payments depending on the size of each group:

• For 1-7 students = $38.50 per session (2 payments of $115)

• For 8+ students = $32.50 per session (2 payments of $85)


Payments are billed monthly on the same day each month. We encourage you to bring your friends! 

Select a group below to register. View FAQs

Select a Group

- Fall 2024 - 

Sorry! We have no groups this fall because Delfina, our founder & main program leader is having a baby! We're due in September and will be back in action Spring 2025.

- Spring 2025 - 

Program Overview & Goals


IGNITE is Passion is Powerful's Level One program for girls.

The goal of each session is to equip the girls with new spiritual, emotional, and artistic tools to unlock their creativity, identity, and passion to impact the world around them with what they create. Each session involves an artistic challenge of some kind that the girls must conquer as a team.


Spirit-filled joy, creativity, and service is at the core of everything we do. Our sessions teach the girls that they were designed by God to be creative, and that their creativity is best used to add value to those around them. We involve the Holy Spirit in everything we create so that what we make makes a difference. We experience purpose & joy in our artistic, creative expression when we live life this way.


Program Structure

• We have 2 to 3 groups available per season.

• Group sizes are small. We build teams of 10-12 girls maximum.

• Girls ages 9-14 are welcome to enroll.

• Transportation is provided when sessions have location changes.

• There is always a second leader assisting Delfina with sessions.

After the season:
After IGNITE, the group moves onto our Level Two program, Glory!, where we build on the skills and lessons they learned in the first season. The idea is for each group to journey through 4 levels of our programming throughout two years to get the full impact of our specialized discipleship. Each program is unique and builds upon the previous.

General Program FAQs

Payment & Registration

After selecting your group, you will be directed to our registration form on the webpage. Once completed, you will be able to set up the payment option that best suits your family.

Commitment Policy

We ask that all IGNITE participants make a commitment to their team and to the program. Trust grows immensely when all team-members show up consistently. When girls miss out, it hurts their confidence and progress. Session benefits are cumulative.


Transportation and a detailed itinerary will be provided for sessions that have multiple stops. We have an amazing bus that we use for driving around town for our adventures!

Session Schedule

Our master session schedule with drop-off/pick-up locations will be emailed to you beofre the start of each season. Additionally, we send weekly reminder emails with location links & session info so everyone knows what's happening.

Post-Session Engagement

Girls & parents will have access to a private page on our website where you can view our session photos, recap video, and a personal handwritten note from Delfina each week. We expect each family to take the time to look at photos & notes 1x a week.

What to Bring to Sessions

Each session is unique and sessions may from time to time require a special instruction for what to bring or what to wear. All details are included in the weekly emails we send out.

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