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Friendship with God

CLICK TO VIEW: We talk about how to build friendships with each other with God's help.

What's Happening:

In this session, the girls deliver their provision planters to a local missionary and head to a local park to talk about friendship with God. We talk about how we all are born with a need for belonging, and that our parents don't always know how to perfectly fill that need, which is why we need to forgive our parents, grow in leaning on God for our needs, and mature in how we communicate our needs to our friends. We talk about what it looks like to be a leader and pursue healthy friendships. Then we have a fun surprise at the end! :)


This session can be physically intensive. Bring a water bottle and snack.

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Our bus stop outside of the Shasta Mall on Hilltop Dr.

In-Session Locations:

• Shasta Lake Heritage Coffeehouse (Google Maps Link)

• Shasta Dam Park (Google Maps Link)

• Sara S. (Delfina's Friend's) home (Google Maps Link)


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