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SQ: Spiritual Intelligence

CLICK TO VIEW: Learning to hear and trust God's voice

What's Happening:

The boys learn the difference between IQ, EQ, and SQ. They learn about first, second, and third heaven and how to hear God beyond the ‘noise’ of every-day life. They learn that God’s voice is always good. They do a blindfolded taste-test to find out about their natural knowledge and to introduce them to the idea of ‘seeing beyond’ the natural. They learn that what strengthens SQ is spending time with God. They play a custom-built game of ring-toss at the top of Chemise Peak.


• Bring water, and a lunch. Wear good hiking shoes.

• We recommend you put on sunblock prior to the session.

** There is no swimming at this spot. **

Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Drop-off is at our bus stop outside of Ninja Coalition. (Google Maps link)

In-Session Locations:

Walker Mine Upper Sac Ditch (Google Maps link)  


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