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Hey there! We're thrilled that you're considering jumping into our faith-filled adventures with us. Here's all the info you need and the important links you can follow. 

There are three ways to join our Academy:

  • Option One - You can enroll in our signature Academy Program tracks for girls or for boys. These programs run through the school-year and build from Level 1 to Level 4. Read More

  • Option Two - You can purchase an Academy Pass for all access to our field trips, outings, workshops and events. Read More

  • Option Three - You can become a member of our Academy and enjoy both the Academy Programs and all our drop-in events. Read More

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Enroll in Our Signature Academy Programs

Our signature Academy Programs follow the school year schedule. There are 12 sessions in the Fall, and 12 sessions in the Winter/Spring. We offer small groups for boys and for girls. Each season builds on the previous one, from Level One to Level Four. Groups meet 1X per week for 3 hours. After each session, participants each receive a special handwritten note from the leaders, access to photos from our session, and a recap video to reinforce lessons learned. 


Program Cost: $92/month [12-month plan]

Membership Bundle: $125/month [12-month plan]

* Saves you $264 per year * Memberships include access to Academy Programs as well as all of our drop-in events & workshops.

Acad Pass


Enjoy Events & Workshops with an Academy Pass

Coming soon!

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Explore Pricing
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Program Plans, Passes & Memberships

Shop for the Adventure plan that's right for you. 

Academy Programs: $92/mo

Pays for enrollment in our signature Academy Program Tracks, Levels 1-4. 

Academy Pass: $55/mo

Gets you all access to our drop-in events, field trips and workshops 

Want to try this out? Grab a 1-week free trial!

Membership Bundle: $125/mo

*Saves you $264 per year* Enjoy our signature Academy Programs + all drop-in events.


Ready to sign up?

Head to our registration page for Summit Seekers or IGNITE to enroll in our signature Academy Programs. You will be given the option to purchase a Program Pass Plan or bundle it with a drop-in pass to become an Academy Member after you submit your form.

Simply looking to try out an event or workshop? Click here to get a 1-week free trial of our Academy Pass.

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